Regulations and stuff

Hey everyone, Bru here!

Welcome to my very first try on a Legacy Challenge, Disney style! I’ve never blogged my game but what’s better than a Disney Chall to get me started, right?

Keep in mind that English isn’t my mother language so please forgive possible mistakes x)

As I said, I’m going to do the Disney Challenge, that follows the Legacy Rules guidelines, but I will make some generation changes that I haven’t fully decided on yet (I’ll update this post when I do).

For the Succession Laws I chose:

  • Strict Matriarchy
  • Strict Traditional
  • First Born

Update 02/06/2015: In terms of mods, I have lots of mods that affect the gameplay, but the most important ones are: call anytime+relationship gain (’cause let’s face it, there is such a thing as long distance relationships, so phones can totally help improve a relationship), improved death reactions, traumatic divorce for children, emotional overcharge, variable default relationships, needs decay sims 2 style and the story progression mod!.

I needed more realism and these are pure gems  sorry not sorry.

And I think that is all!

I hope you have as much fun with them as I do 😀

Update 03/04/2015: The family tree is finally done! To see it, you just have to click here and you’re done! Thank you so much for reading ❤

Update 30/08/2015: I was nominated for the Liebster Award! Thank you so much carovnamaruska and swcheppes for the nomination and I hope you keep liking the story ❤

 The White Family


Chapter 1.1 – A New Beginning (hopefully without crazy step-mothers)
Chapter 1.2 – Everything to go right
Chapter 1.3 – Unexpected support
Chapter 1.4 – Leap of Faith
Chapter 1.5 – Moving on
Chapter 1.6 – Finally
Chapter 1.7 – Dylan’s journey to name all his children after ST characters
Chapter 1.8 – Our princess is born
Chapter 1.9 – Closure
Chapter 1.10 – What happens when condoms don’t exist in one’s vocabulary


Chapter 2.1 – Nyota’s journey begins
Chapter 2.2 – More birthdays and a recap
Chapter 2.3 – Welcome to adulthood
Chapter 2.4 – Goodbye
Chapter 2.5 – Janice is always right
Chapter 2.6 – Home
Chapter 2.7 – James’ in love and Carol grows up
Chapter 2.8 – The third generation arrives (much to Ny’s relief)
Chapter 2.9 – Changes
A short briefing on the rest of the family
Chapter 2.10 – Unexpected development
Chapter 2.11 – And then there were four
Chapter 2.12 – Love is in the air


Chapter 3.1 – Proposal
Chapter 3.2 – Kristie grows up
Chapter 3.3 – Separation
Chapter 3.4 – The consequences of alcohol
Chapter 3.5 – Independence
Chapter 3.6 – Lottie wins
Chapter 3.7 – Welcome to ‘Ti and Tea”
Chapter 3.8 – One more birthday
Chapter 3.9 – Prepare for trouble (and make it double)
Chapter 3.10 – The Reaper knows best
Wordless Interlude: What if
Chapter 3.11 – Adapting
Chapter 3.12 – Girl’s Day Out
Chapter 3.13 – Addie’s Angel
Chapter 3.14 – Disappointment


Chapter 4.01 – Some people are just bad at communicating
Chapter 4.02 – Letting go
Chapter 4.03 – Stubborn friend
Chapter 4.04 – Wishes come true
Chapter 4.05 – Déjà vu
Chapter 4.06 – Way too soon
Chapter 4.07 – A whole new challenge


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    4.) If you could be any animal, what would it be?

    5.) Pick and notify ten nominees.

    Hope you have a great day!


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